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WIP another big boy fox by LittleFoxKitsu WIP another big boy fox :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 0 0 WIP 3 foxes by LittleFoxKitsu WIP 3 foxes :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 1 0 Smokey the Rabbit  by LittleFoxKitsu Smokey the Rabbit :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 1 0 Polka Dot the Rabbit by LittleFoxKitsu Polka Dot the Rabbit :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 0 0 WIP 2 Red Fox Boy Wallhangers by LittleFoxKitsu WIP 2 Red Fox Boy Wallhangers :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 0 0 WIP Red Fox Wallhanger by LittleFoxKitsu WIP Red Fox Wallhanger :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 1 0 Skippy the Red Kangaroo by LittleFoxKitsu Skippy the Red Kangaroo :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 2 0 Cinnamon the Rabbit Pelt by LittleFoxKitsu Cinnamon the Rabbit Pelt :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 0 0 Honey the Rabbit Pelt by LittleFoxKitsu Honey the Rabbit Pelt :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 0 0 My Tail Collection by LittleFoxKitsu My Tail Collection :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 1 0 Hugo by LittleFoxKitsu Hugo :iconlittlefoxkitsu:LittleFoxKitsu 1 0


Fire and Ice WIP by Tricksters-Taxidermy Fire and Ice WIP :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 8 5 Wall by Tricksters-Taxidermy Wall :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 28 32 Pale Fire and Ice by Tricksters-Taxidermy Pale Fire and Ice :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 9 8 AK red SOLD by Tricksters-Taxidermy AK red SOLD :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 24 46 White Pawed by Tricksters-Taxidermy White Pawed :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 27 6 Coyote SOLD by Tricksters-Taxidermy Coyote SOLD :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 27 14 Skullfox (almost done!) by Tricksters-Taxidermy Skullfox (almost done!) :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 12 18 Gray Skullfox close up by Tricksters-Taxidermy Gray Skullfox close up :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 7 33 Fire and Ice by Tricksters-Taxidermy Fire and Ice :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 15 11 My collection by Tricksters-Taxidermy My collection :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 21 38 Red fox Close up by Tricksters-Taxidermy Red fox Close up :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 10 8 Big fat fox by Tricksters-Taxidermy Big fat fox :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 19 17 Red legs by Tricksters-Taxidermy Red legs :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 8 16 Fox adult and pup by Tricksters-Taxidermy Fox adult and pup :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 20 29 Kodiak Red wip by Tricksters-Taxidermy Kodiak Red wip :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 18 18 SunGlow WIP by Tricksters-Taxidermy SunGlow WIP :icontricksters-taxidermy:Tricksters-Taxidermy 63 39



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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Starting up with taxidermy and pelts.
Not much to say, other than all my tanning and skinning supplies arrived this week so I can finally get started.
We're still working on building a work space for me, and I hope that won't take too long but we'll see. I'll be putting up pictures of all my work, regardless of how bad, so I can look back and reflect on my terrible beginnings. I will also post any animal pelts, mounts etc that I purchase.

My main animals will be rats and mice from my cats, foxes and rabbits from roadkill and local pest control, and kangaroos from roadkill (once I get the right license).

I am Australian, which is super depressing because it's hard and expensive to get ranch foxes over here, even though I am desperate for some of the colour morphs only found in ranch foxes like fire and ice and platinum gold - love the pale blonder foxes. But on the up, I am learning about Australian laws regarding vulture culture and taxidermy so I might be able to help some others out.

My end goal is to make a soft mount fox and articulate a fox skeleton (at this stage). Maybe I'll even be good at this and go further.

My taxidermy/vulture culture blog is:


WIP another big boy fox
This fox was a nightmare from start to finish, but he's so big and amazingly fluffy - couldn't save the face due to the car accident, but I did get the ears. You won't believe how fluffy he is!
WIP 3 foxes
Just a different photo of those 3 foxes I'm working on. Hopefully will get them tanned by the end of next month.
Smokey the Rabbit
Another rabbit from the same local shop. Will be used in my rabbit-fox quilt.
Called this one smokey. Actually looks way blacker in real life but has some brown undertones.
Polka Dot the Rabbit
Another rabbit from the same local shop. These are all going to be part of a fox-rabbit quilt. This one is called polka Dot.
WIP 2 Red Fox Boy Wallhangers
These were my first 2 roadkill finds (on the same night), skinned them up made a few mistakes, one on the left is missing half his face, and one on the right has slipped a little already (I hope I can save him), have right boys bones in a bucket, and lefty's head.
They're not tannned yet, just drying.


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